All about Apple iPhone 5C [ price in USA and features]

Apple iPhone 5C, that’s what the rumor mills are calling the new cheaper version of Apple iPhone 5, is said to be launched on 10Spetember, 2013. So this is a great alternative to the previously launched Apple iPhone 5. Apple has reduced the cost factor of iPhone 5C, which has the major difference of build quality from its elder sibling.

I liked this move of Apple to retain the good position in the market, where the other brands are already producing many features at affordable ranges that too with many variants. Apple iPhone 5C will be launched with iPhone 5S (which will be a successor to iPhone 5).

All About Apple iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5C has reduced cost factor. You must be wondering how Apple managed to cut the price, without any change in the features. Well, remember in our Apple iPhone 5 review, the whole body of i5 was specially designed with the use of precious glass, sapphire and edge cutter tools of diamond.

Design of Apple iPhone 5C

Here is the recent news of the leaks of the plastic buttons used in the iPhone 5C, whose images have been shared in this post.



Rest of the body of Apple iPhone 5C will be made up of plastic.


The display of this phone is 4 inch retina display, the largest display an iPhone ever had. The whopping 326 ppi pixel density and LED backlit IPS LCD display give very vivid, bright and colorful images.


The camera of this smartphone has not been effected that much. The dual camera integration of this phone is one of the best combinations in the world. The rear camera is 8 MP in size, with auto-focus is awesome, which can be run in the simultaneous HD video recording and image recording mode.

The panorama feature of the phone is the best. The front one allows high quality 3G video calling.

OS and Processor

The 1.3 GHz dual core processor of iPhone 5C works with Apple A6 chip-set to perform various tasks (games and applications) with triple core graphics GPU. The hardware is integrated with the Apple iOS 7 operating system.

Apple iPhone 5C Price in USA

Apple iPhone 5C will be priced at around $300 in USA.

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